our story

RICE & MISO was founded in 2012 by native Japanese Mika Hatsushima. When she had her daughter Reika, she thought about what food would be best for her child's daily diet and found herself naturally gravitating toward the foods she grew up with.

When she strolled with Reika around her Brooklyn neighborhood, she started wondering why there is no store selling simple Japanese prepared food where mothers can grab them casually to feed their children feeling safe and satisfied. She contacted Brooklyn Flea to root her idea and started selling her organic brown rice  "Onigiri" and "Miso Soup" which are the most common food of all time in Japan.

After running RICE & MISO EVERYDAY as a market vendor for four years, she finally opens her dream rice ball shop in Brooklyn, NY.

Now with "RICE & MISO", Mika applies her passion to introduce this simple, yet powerful food to the community.