Our food

We specialize in Onigiri, a rice ball made with organic brown rice filled with variety of fillings inside.

Our "Bento Box" comes with a choice of protein ( Meat/ Fish/ Tofu steak), two different kinds of "Osozai" (sides) and two rice balls of your favorite fillings. The box creates a nutritiously well balanced meal of the day with plenty of calcium in brown rice and soy beans, protein, vitamins and minerals in seaweed.

Recently, fermented foods have been highlighted as being important to a daily diet since they help build a stronger immune system. We incorporate a vast variety of Japanese traditional fermentation into our cooking to bring out the depths of flavor from the ingredient as well.


You are what you eat.

Our ingredients are mostly organic, no antibiotic/hormones contained, and no GMO. 

Our mission is to support community with healthy & happy eating habits for many generations to come.